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Rebecca Velasquez is an accomplished licensed clinical social worker and yoga/meditation teacher, experienced in multiple disciplines, who combines her psychotherapy skills with the power of yoga and meditation to bring about transformation and growth in her clients. Her clients range from adolescents to adults, individuals as well as couples. Just as every person is unique, Rebecca brings a special custom approach to each client which can involve expressive therapies, meditative or yoga practice, or traditional talk therapy. Rebecca offers clients a safe, nurturing environment in which clients feel they can grow and evolve at their own pace. Clients can also enjoy the individual focus of private yoga instruction and/or meditation practice in their own home.

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Rebecca developed this DVD to help parents of small children, and even individuals without children, approach meditation on their own in the comfort of their own homes. This three-part DVD guides viewers through the benefits and types of meditation, the creation of a sacred space for meditating, and integrating children into the sacred space and meditative practice.

How to Meditate with Your Young Child, By Rebecca Velasquez
How to Meditate with Your Young Child, By Rebecca Velasquez

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