Creating a Meditation Practice With Children

Often I hear people say, “I struggle to meditate in the midst of parenting young children.” I challenge you to adopt a different perspective on this topic…What if meditating with your young children actually enhanced your own meditation or mindfulness practice? Young children, including toddlers and babies are excellent metaphors for our mind. When we venture to sit quietly for even 2-3 minutes to meditate with our children, we get to see that they are exact replicas to our own “monkey mind”!

I began meditating with my first son when he was 13 months old out of desperation for some peace and quiet as I was struggling to maintain my own practice through the early months of parenting. I got to the point where I said, “Eff this! I’m going to baby proof the room and sit for 7 minutes with him even if all hell breaks loose!”…And it often does! Some days while meditating with my children, I will be witness to one of them saying, “Mama, I HATE meditating!” Then, the very next day that same child will say, “Oooh Mama, I like meditating!” I have had babies climbing on me, toddlers sitting on my shoulders, sticky hands pulling my hair, fingers prying my eyes open, full-blown temper tantrums, my office DESTROYED, and even those rare precious moments where you’ll witness a child sitting completely still for 20 whole seconds on their cushion!

So, being able to observe our own ability to remain centered in the midst of these ever-changing “weather patterns” of our children offers us great practice for facing the fluctuations of our own mind, as well as the many things in life beyond our control.

I look forward to working with you to assist you in creating a daily practice of meditation with your children! Call to schedule a session or visit my website: for more information!



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