My Entire Life Is a Blessing!

As we near Thanksgiving, I have been reflecting on the idea of gratitude, of course… and also its less than glamorous counterpart: regret. Whenever I’m asked about my biggest regrets in life, I respond: “None” – and I mean it. Like all of us, I’ve certainly done and said things in the past for which I would do or say differently if given the opportunity now. Yet, when I adopt a state of regret over given situations, I am forgetting that every experience—especially the ones involving the biggest challenges or incurring the greatest pain—have in fact been the building blocks for spiritual faith, inner strength, courage, determination, passion and living a purposeful life.

Those painful or shame-filled situations that we as humans regret the most are, in fact, the fibers that connect us all as human beings. When we can stand in those situations with the attitude that “my entire life is a blessing,” we build self-love, character, authenticity and real empathy for others. It is through honesty about our own imperfections that we hold the light for others to do the same. When we live as if our entire life is a blessing, we are humbly reminded that we are each a small, yet significant part of this divine interconnected web of life and that every situation has a divine purpose… even if the little ‘me’ one’s self, cannot see the whole picture.

Magnificent sunset! (Los Osos, CA)

Reflecting for a moment on any regrets you may have, I ask you today to breathe new life into that situation(s) while repeating the affirmations: My entire life is a blessing. Every situation has been a divine gift in my life. I love myself fully under all circumstances and in all situations past, present and future. Cut out these affirmations and place them somewhere visible in your home. Whenever you notice you’ve regressed into old thinking, bring your awareness back to the affirmations as you would a meditation mantra.

When we stand from this place, all of a sudden we notice that the Thanksgiving notion of gratitude that has been so elusive to us, in fact comes running to us with open arms!

May your entire life and your Thanksgiving be a blessing!

Warmth and Love, Rebecca

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