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Rebecca works, and has worked, with many children, adolescents and adults solely on a psychotherapeutic/counseling basis with great success apart from the yoga and meditation-related work that she offers to clients.

Rebecca works with various clients of differing spiritual beliefs and religious backgrounds. She does not teach or promote any specific religious beliefs or doctrines in any of her work with clients. Rebecca will, however, address the overall topic of spirituality with clients in an effort to better understand them and support their personal goals.

Depending on the interest/goals, time available and financial situation of the client, some clients will meet with Rebecca for 2 sessions and some will meet for several years. Even just one session of psychotherapy, meditation or yoga can be beneficial for a client. While some clients meet with Rebecca sporadically, most clients meet with her for one hour per week at least for the first few months. From her experience with others, Rebecca has seen the most lasting client benefits emanating from one hour per week sessions for a minimum of 6 months with regard to both psychotherapy and meditation.

However, she recommends clients to practice yoga at least two to three times per week for 30-90 minutes depending on the level of fitness to enjoy the benefits of the practice.

Rebecca does not offer a sliding scale for clients but she can create special payment arrangements and a plan of treatment that work within a client’s financial situation.

Yes, Rebecca works at various clients’ homes in Fairfield County who, for whatever reason, are unable to travel to her studio.