Letting Go?

How the hell do we let go of the people, places and things we love the most? I tell you.. if I knew, I wouldn’t be writing this!

I love the poem she-let-go-a-poem-by-rev-safire-rose because I feel it really encapsulates the act of grace that is involved in letting go. Don’t we all tell ourselves and others just simply “let go” of some person or pattern of behavior in our life? But can we really let go by our sheer willpower alone? I admit, I’ve been sorely unsuccessful. I’ve learned that letting go is a natural spiritually-ordained grief process. I can do the work to prepare myself, but no more than willing myself to fall asleep, can I actually faciliate the deep unclenching-of-the-hands-letting-go-feat.

As I emotionally prepare myself to move across the country, I am shedding layers of my myself as I leave behind the only place and people who have shaped and molded my identity as I have known it. So during these pivotal times when our life feels like a holy #$&%*! -ing deck of 52 cards thrown up in the air, I’m reminded that this is the time to pull in our most precious and sharpest tools from our crisis toolkit. In building our toolkit, some good questions to ask ourselves are, “What resources have sustained us in the past during crises?” “What are ways that I nourish my soul?” “Who are people or support systems in my life that feed me?” “How’s my self-care?” “How can I add even a drop of laughter into my day?” “How can I get outside of myself to help another person today?”

Some freebies to add to your toolkit:

Journal Writing- try writing a question with your dominant hand, then answer it with your non-dominant hand. You’ll be surprised the wisdom of your own inner guru!

Gratitude List– try writing an A-Z gratitude list

Get Outdoors– hike, bike, or grab a friend and do something you enjoy.

Have a Good Cry-  Counter to the messages we receive in society, there are numerous physiologial/psychological benefits to the full-body-racking experience of weeping.

Last but not least… BLOGGING! lol!

Its only when we let go of the letting-go-process and bring our attention to my toolkit that the sense of humor of the universe kicks in and the letting go actually happens.


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