Our Legacy

The sobering truth about the destiny of our human bodies.

During the rare occasions that I visit a cemetary I am struck with the reality that our life on Earth will promptly end one day and there will be some sort of plaque or gravestone with our name, the date we were born, a dash, and the date we will die —the dash of course being our life. The dash being the only opportunity we get as humans to be find our soul’s purpose and do our work on Earth, is our legacy. I think about my grandmother who is the best example of someone in my life who has left a powerful legacy after passing away. She was intentional about the “dash” in her life and not only did she contribute tangibly to her family and community, but it was the spirit that she brought to all of her actions that contributed to her legacy. She found and lived her life’s purpose and was such a channel for love, joy and unexpected humor.

How are we living the “dash” in our life? If you knew the date at the end of the dash, would you live your life differently? Do we act as if we have infinite time to act upon this question? Are we using our bodies as vehicles to fulfill our purpose and leave a legacy?

              What will be your legacy?…

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