Prostituting Ourselves

After watching one of my favorite musical movies, Les Miserables and reflecting with humility on Anne Hathaway’s character as a prostitute and a mother, I was inspired to look up the definition of prostitution. Aside from the commonplace definition we know, prostitution is also defined as: the unworthy or corrupt use of one’s talents for the sake of personal or financial gain; to devote oneself to an unworthy purpose; a person who sells their integrity for an unworthy purpose. So although I have not prostituted myself sexually, I can humbly admit that I, like all of us, have prostituted myself in other arenas.

What areas of our life do we compromise our integrity or sell ourselves short? Is it working in an environment that does not align with our authentic self? Is it living somewhere we are comfortable but not feeling fully alive? Is it being in a relationship/friendship that is slowly killing us? Is it regularly allowing our children excessive TV time or sweets simply because we don’t want to say no? Is it walking past our meditation space but too lazy to sit down for that 5-10 minutes a day? Is it refraining from asking our boss for a promotion? Is it opting to sleep in rather than hit the gym before work? Is it overextending ourselves during the holiday season time without allowing ample time for self-care? Is it having a gift certificate to get a massage but remaining too busy to call for an appointment? Is it not putting our best work out in the world because of fear? Lastly, is it merely just consciously ignoring that inner voice of divine guidance that whispers to us.

I love the slogan: Awareness, Acceptance, Action. Often just simply becoming aware of how and in what situations we are prostituting ourselves can loosen those chains, nudging us toward more inner freedom and alignment with our highest selves.

Blessings and Love!





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