Rebecca Velasquez is a holistic psychotherapist who works with individuals and couples, adolescents and adults.

Her integrated approach to therapy incorporates mind, body and spirit and is most powerful for individuals who are:

• Receptive to traditional and non-traditional approaches to therapy
• Seeking mental, emotional and spiritual growth
• Ready and willing to improve their lives and meet their goals
• Receptive to the use of a dynamic, holistic approach to create sustained change in their lives
• Willing to be open and honest about themselves during their therapy sessions

Rebecca specializes working with clients with such issues as:

Stress AnxietyLow self‐esteemDepression
Pre- and postpartum issuesTraumaChronic pain issues Hoarding
Mindfulness for daily livingPractical organization Sleep issues Life and career changes
Transitions Anger Individuals in addiction recovery Women’s issues

Rebecca considers the whole person in her therapy approach and works with clients on mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and nutritional levels. She integrates various therapeutic modalities to create a custom‐tailored, effective plan of treatment for each client. She may use cognitive-based therapy, insight-­oriented therapy, solution-focused therapy or psychoeducational approaches to problem solving, or use creative techniques such as yoga, active meditation, dance, art, journal writing and pranayama breathing to help clients heal emotionally or find their voice. Rebecca may also choose narrative therapy when working with clients coping with trauma.

For those seeking spiritual growth, Rebecca teaches methods and practices for daily life. She offers client-centered therapy specific to those in 12‐step recovery programs as well as visioning exercises, affirmation work or other tools for those in career or life transitions. Ayurveda wisdom, aromatherapy, music, poetry and incorporating activities in nature are also integrated into her sessions.

45 min. psychotherapy session:60 min. meditation session:

Rebecca does not accept insurance at this time.

“You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

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