Relocation News from Rebecca!

Good morning clients and colleagues! I just wanted to share that my private practice will be moving to San Luis Obispo, CA beginning this mid August. People have commented to us, “Wow, that’s a sudden change!” Actually it’s not. In February 2012, my husband and I had considered relocating and my husband googled, “Happiest places to live in the world,” and San Luis Obispo, CA came right up! We researched and researched “SLO” and spoke to people about it. We knew just by what we saw on the internet that it would be a wonderful spot for our family. The problem at the time was, “How will we survive?” We are both entrepreneurs with our own established businesses. My husband had been working in his family run business in Fairfield County since he was literally 12 years. How could we possibly uproot our family and businesses, especially now that we have a child? So that was the “problem” that prevented us from pursuing a potential dream. Fear was at the root of it and we were not ready to make the leap of faith. So, we buried this dream for years.

This past January though, something shifted for us. We envisioned our future life in Connecticut and my husband said, “I can do this life for the next 20 years, but there’s no joy here for me.” That moment was like someone kicked me awake. I thought, “Oh my God, here’s right!” I thought if I could drop myself from the top of the Earth and choose a certain location to live, where would it be?” Although Connecticut has been my lifeblood filled with the dearest people of my life and all I really know, my answer was: San Luis Obispo, CA. So in early April 2017, my husband and I visited “SLO” and head over heels both just feel in love with it! My heart said “YES!” No matter what, we could not ignore the pull to be there. So truthfully, nothing has changed from 2012 until now, except that now we have two kids rather than one! We both still have our own businesses and still have no clue how we will ultimately survive in San Luis Obispo! The only difference is that we are willing to follow our dream and take a leap of faith into the unknown and not know how the story will play out.

Long story short, we had planned to wait a year to “get our life together” before making the move. Well, love was impatient… and it won! We secured housing in SLO last week and we are taking the leap of faith this August instead of next year and couldn’t be happier! I know its all going to work out as it should because we are operating from a place of joy and faith. Cheers to a season of leaping first before seeing the other side! We can’t wait!

On another note, there is tremendous sadness in leaving Connecticut and all the people dear to us, including all of you! I want to express my deep appreciation to all my Connecticut clients. It’s been such a joy to work with each of you. Thank you all for inviting me into your life experience. I journey with you as I see myself in every one of you – Thank you for being my own teachers.

Please note that we are always connected as I offer Skype sessions to all my clients!

Thank you all again for allowing me to serve you!

Fondly, Rebecca Velasquez

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