Rebecca Velasquez is a holistic psychotherapist who works with individuals and couples, adolescents and adults.

Her integrated approach to therapy incorporates mind, body, and spirit and is most powerful for individuals who are:

•   Receptive to traditional and non-traditional approaches to therapy

•   Seeking spiritual growth

•   Ready and willing to improve their lives and meet their goals

•   Holistically minded and keen to work on various levels to create sustained change in their lives

•   Wishing to integrate yoga and / or meditation into their therapy work, and

•   Emotionally healthy who seek to grow and foster change in themselves.

Rebecca has counseled clients with issues related to:

• Addiction Recovery   • Anxiety

• Body Image   • Chronic Pain

• Depression   • Eating Disorders

• Grief / Loss   • Hoarding

• Mindfulness for Every Day

• Practical Organization

• Sleep Issues   • Stress

• Transitions   • Trauma

“The real meditation practice is how we live our lives from moment to moment” – Jon Kabat

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