A special note from Rebecca…

You have undoubtedly found my website because you are seeking long-lasting changes in your life. Perhaps you are experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, fear or maybe just have a gut-level feeling that something is not right in your life.

You’ve come to the right place.

I can help you on your journey to a more vibrant, authentic and serene you. I’d like to share a bit of my own journey that has led me to want to help others.

Fall 2005 and I had just returned from a dream honeymoon with my husband. I had a job that not only paid the bills but also afforded me the niceties of life, a well-furnished home and opportunities for travel. Overall, life on the outside was great, but something was missing.

I had achieved goals that I had set out to accomplish in different areas of my life, but somehow those seemingly important things were not cutting it. I felt empty. I knew that my life needed to have deeper meaning and purpose and I just couldn’t continue on what became an increasingly obvious empty path. It felt like a shallow existence and I was seeking more but didn’t know what I was looking for exactly.

Long story short, it was October 5, 2005 when I met with a clergyman who had been meditating for about 30 years; he said very simply that meditation was the doorway to a life filled with meaning and purpose. I had heard about the benefits of meditation but was just “too busy” and left it for “someday.” But this time was different; there was an inner desperation and sense of urgency to find meaning and purpose in my life.

From that day forward I have—with the help of meditation mentors along the way—built and sustained a daily meditation routine for over a decade. I can say wholeheartedly that meditation has indeed brought meaning and purpose into my life that I never had before. It continues to allow me to uncover parts of myself that I never knew existed, while helping to relieve stress and anxiety and also be the parent that I have wanted to become.

I have learned along my transformational journey the importance of having a meditation mentor/teacher with whom I could regularly connect as well as the value of creating a sacred space in my home for daily meditation.

What a privilege and honor it is to work with clients in this noble activity and witness the changes in their lives as they progress with their understanding and appreciation of the value of psychotherapy, meditation and yoga.

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