Top 10 Reasons To Jump Into Psychotherapy

By Rebecca Velasquez

Psychotherapists can help people of all ages and lifestyles live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

  • Better Communication. We need to learn how to communicate better. Period. Whether one grew up in a healthy family with excellent communication skills or not, we can all benefit from learning and mastering better communication skills.
  • Stress/Anxiety/Depression Relief. Psychotherapy sessions provide an opportunity for individuals to be able to discuss the causes of the stress, anxiety and/or depression in their life as well as gain valuable tools from a professional as to how to deal with such challenging issues.
  • Increased Objectivity. Psychotherapy provides a supportive environment that enables one to discuss his/her issues openly with someone who is objective, neutral and nonjudgmental.
  • Chronic Pain Relief. According to the study of bioenergetics, humans hold emotions, trauma and stress in their body. Through the use of psychotherapy to relieve stress and anxiety, clients can achieve a significant reduction or complete eradication of their pain symptoms.
  • Better Self Care. Through the work of psychotherapy, clients can begin to identify ways of taking better care of themselves emotionally, mentally and physically that will result in more balance in their lives.
  • Combat Self-Defeating Thought Patterns. Psychotherapists help clients peel back the layers of a client’s inner self, while helping him/her identify and replace negative thought patterns that stand in the way of their living a happier and more satisfying existence.
  • Healthier Marriages/Relationships. Even the most compatible couples sometimes need assistance to maintain healthy communication with each other. Psychotherapists can help couples identify and move beyond roadblocks through various methods to enable them to love and respect each other more fully and find more contentment in their relationship/marriage.
  • Happier Families. We all just want to get along! But sometimes family dynamics can be too challenging and difficult to conquer as a family and without the experience of a skilled psychotherapist. Psychotherapists are trained to help family members identify—and learn how to meet and respect—not only their own needs but also the needs of family members in order to create a more loving and congenial family atmosphere.
  • Reconciliation of Parenting/Discipline Issues. Psychotherapists can work with parents to help them create healthy boundaries with their children and deal with various other parenting issues to bring about healthier and more satisfying parent/child relationships.
  • More Joy! Once a client gains faith in the psychotherapist-client relationship and process, he/she can have confidence that they can work together toward successful issue resolution which can also serve as a model for other healthy relationships. Once clients truly engage in this process, they will begin to recover the child-like joy for life that has always been part of their being, but has often been buried under—or suffocated by—stress, trauma and worry.

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