What is Enlightenment?

Honestly, I have no idea. I do know that the more I ask that question the less I know who I am. The spiritual process is, from my humble understanding, an undoing process. Nothing necessarily outside of ourselves to reach for, but an unraveling of everything we know ourselves to be, including our identity that we cling to so closely. It’s the natural birthing process (the labor, the contractions, the walking through the ring of fire) of our own soul. In that birthing process is the death of our masks, our attachments, the ideas of who we know ourselves to be, the surrendering of our deepest loves and longings, and even a surrendering of our divine life mission. All must go. Out of the ashes of this death, flies the unknown creature of the beautiful butterfly of our soul.

What needs to be unraveled, let go of, or surrendered today in your life in order for you to awaken to your own soul?

                               (As synchronicity would have it, I just took photo of this beautiful butterfly last week!)

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